Vasa Parrot: Bird Species Profile

The Vasa Parrot is actually a medium-sized grey parrot that barrages coming from Madagascar. The Vasa Parrot is regarding the same size as yet another gray parrot, the African Grey, but the Vasa Parrot’s physical body shape is a lot various. In the birding area, Vasa Parrots are actually a lot a lot less common than other varieties, yet enthusiasm is actually progressing as term obtains out regarding the Vasa Parrot’s endearing nature.

Variety Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Vasa Parrot, Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa), Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra).

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coracopsis vasa, Coracopsis nigra.

GROWNUP SIZE: About twenty inches (17 ozs) long.

LIFE SPAN: Up to 30 years.

Source and History.

There are 2 types of Vasa Parrot: the Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa) and also the Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra). The two varieties prefer various habitations, with the Greater Vasa Parrot lifestyle in dry out woodland regions and the Lesser Vasa Parrot residing in humid forest places.


A Vasa Parrot ought to be actually out of its cage as much as possible so it can easily communicate as well as play along with its own individual family. As along with a lot of parrots, Vasa Parrots demand a terrific deal of your opportunity and focus in order to be delighted. Never neglect or even leave behind a Vasa Parrot alone for lengthy time periods of opportunity.

Speech and Vocalizations.

Talkative without being actually ear puncturing, Vasa Parrots are going to convey on their own with different specific telephone calls, squawks and also whistles. Some Vasa Parrots may discover to talk as well as some do certainly not speak any kind of words.

Vasa Parrot Colors and Markings.

Both male and also female Vasa Parrots are a dark-gray color all around along with a grayish-black beak. In the course of the breeding time in the fall (October to December), a women Vasa Parrot’s plumes transform to a brown colour, and also she molts the plumes on her head, going bald. The Vasa Parrot’s skin also turns yellow during the breeding season. This takes place in both male and also female Vasa Parrots, although the shade modification is more substantially found in the woman as a result of the subjected to subjected skin on her bald mind. In addition, the beaks of guy and women Vasa Parrots reduce until they are almost white throughout mating period.

Caring for the Vasa Parrot.

The Vasa Parrot needs a huge enclosure. An aviary, tour crate or even huge parrot crate, for example, something suited for a Macaw, would certainly be fantastic for a Vasa Parrot. At a minimum required, a Vasa Parrot should be property in a cage that is at minimum 36 inches broad by 24 ins deep through 36 inches high. Consist of a nesting package big sufficient for your Vasa Parrot (on call at bird specialized retail stores, pet-supply establishments or online) and loads of perches of a variety of measurements. Position your cage so fifty percent is actually in the sunlight as well as fifty percent is in the cover since Vasa Parrots passion to sunshine bathe.

Vasa Parrots are hectic as well as analytical birds. Put together a play health club with great deals of toys to maintain your Vasa Parrot’s body and mind active and entertained. Scouring tasks are actually a big hit along with Vasa Parrots, as are involved toys, challenge playthings, technical toys, chewable toys, as well as infant playthings and prates, and anything else your Vasa Parrot can manipulate as well as examine. Vasa Parrots affection to wash and will certainly jump all around and play in the water, so offer regular showering possibilities. Vasa Parrots likewise like to take bathrooms.

Common Health Problems.

Although fairly heathy, Vasa Parrots could be prone to developing Psittacine beak and also plume ailment, which is a viral condition impacting various other birds and also specific parrots.

Diet and Nutrition.

Vasa Parrots are well-known for their voracious appetites. These birds will definitely consume huge quantities of food. Offer a different diet that includes a premium pelleted diet, high-quality seed mix, and lots of new veggies and fruits like bananas, mangos, berries, peaches, pomegranate extracts, peppers, carrots, sprouts, greenish beans, greens, and fresh whites potato.


Even though you have a sizable enclosure as is actually advised for these parrots, your Vasa Parrot must be out of its own room as long as achievable to allow for extending its own wings, soaring and generally moving as well as participating in. Vasa Parrots are actually exceptionally energetic birds as well as will certainly exercise on their own correctly if given enough chance.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Vasa Parrot.

The Vasa Parrot is rare, although some may be on call for purchase in household pet outlets and also bird specialized stores. If you are interested in using a Vasa Parrot, bird saving teams and even your regional pet sanctuary might have Vasa Parrots readily available for adopting, although the possibilities of discovering a readily available rare types like the Vasa Parrot might be actually slim.

The Vasa Parrot is actually concerning the same dimension as yet another gray parrot, the African Grey, yet the Vasa Parrot’s body system design is actually considerably different. There are 2 species of Vasa Parrot: the Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa) and the Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra). The 2 varieties choose different environments, with the Greater Vasa Parrot living in completely dry forest locations as well as the Lesser Vasa Parrot residing in moist rainforest locations.

Foraging tasks are actually a large smash hit with Vasa Parrots, as are involved toys, challenge toys, mechanical toys, chewable toys, and child toys and rattles, and anything else your Vasa Parrot may examine and also control. If you are intrigued in taking on a Vasa Parrot, bird rescue teams and also even your local area animal sanctuary could possess Vasa Parrots available for adopting, although the opportunities of finding an accessible rare varieties like the Vasa Parrot may be slim.